Angel Cards reader course

Angel Cards reader course

This course is a two day venue, that will introduce you to the knowledge of angelic energies. You will learn the meaning of every card, what each card symbolises, and then start with a simple spreads.

The course starts with a meditation and finishes – with the ability to read Angel Cards.

You will learn about Angel hierarchies, Angels names. Also, how to protect your home and harminize your life.

It won’t be a lost time because you will gain instructions how to make your way towards happiness, and how to live you evaryday life so it isn’t full of pain and sorrow.

The course finishes with a certificate.

Course cost: 550 zl, the price includes a deck of Angel Cards.
Ania Lomi


Angel of Light Cards reader course

The aim of this course is to experience Angel energies that are full of love, light and joy. Angels are willing and able to help us throughout our lifes and the only thing we need to do is open up to the help, compassion and love.

Working with cards it is a simple and effective way of communication with Higher self, Angels, spiritual guides, and other beings that represent spiritual world. Cards are a perfect tool for those believing, that behind our well known physical world, there is another one more subtle spiritual world and it can be a source of wisdom and inspiration.

During the course you get to know the meaning of 56 Angel Cards, including fallen angels cards- that might help you identify what is the reason for problems and failures occurring in your life and how to prevent them.

You will learn about Angel hierarchies and different cards spreads. The messages you receive while reading the card are to help you and others. Course finishes with a certificate.
Let me welcome you, Ania Lomi