Face, neck and head massage

Face mirrors the soul, so the Ancients used to say. On our face there are areas, that through central nervous system and meridians connect to every organ and part of the body.

General effects:massage balances and restores the entire body metabolism to its natural rhytm, helps the body put in motion the regeneration process, that favours healing.

Influence on the emotions:frees from stress and negative thoughts,relaxes deeply, puts a client in a state of security and detachment. Heals relationships with other people.

Influence on the mind:massaging on the certain lines on the skull improves thinking, contrentation and ability to memorise things, removes depression, headaches and migraines.

Influence on the skin:improves skin overall condition,skin is firmer,smoother,rejuvenated. Also reduces wrinkles, gives a healthy glow and more joyful look.

This massage lasts 1 hour. Before the first session I interview my client, so please allow half of an hour for out chat.