Lomi Lomi Nui

It is important for you to know that I perform the massage according to a Hawaiian tradition of Huna.

The aim of the massage is to loosen up the sore and stressed muscles but also to take care of the person’s well being. Lomi Lomi massage is not only physical experience, it affects recipient on emotional, mental and spiritual levels as well.

„Loving hands” massage, as Lomi Lomi is also known, assists in letting go of old believes, patterns and behaviours that are stored in the cells of an entire body. Gentle kneading and rubbing works very deeply on the muscles, rejuvenating mind, body and spirit. As the massage is an intuitive massage, no two massages will ever be identical, and effects of the massage can be felt long after it was given.

After the massage the body itself eliminates toxins out of the body, it usually takes 24 hours ( it is believed in Hawaii,that it takes up to 48 hours).

This is an extraordinary massage that each time works differently. It is something incredible… you meet God in you, and you meet an enemy in you, but most of all you meet unconditional, clear, pure love, that you are. Day interlaces with night, love with anger, tears with laughter, you experience all of it and you feel happy. You have Light and shadow in you and this is good!

Let me welcome you ,